1. Robin Hood
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Robin Hood

Tell me where is Robin Hood
To take from the rich and give to the poor
I work all day get home after dark
Exhausted I finally reach my front door

The day’s not over it’s time to cook
Because I can’t afford to eat out
The dishes are piling the laundry need washing
I’m so overwhelmed I just have to shout

Surviving survival, Surviving survival

I watch the rich go frolic and play
While I bust my butt everyday
I lie awake can’t pay my bills
Losing my home can’t sleep without my pills

Mrs. Wealthy lives in a giant house
So many rooms she hires a maid
Maria works hard 12 hours a day
Also raises the kids then barely gets paid

Mrs. Wealthy spent 200 dollars today
On running shoes she will never wear
Made with child labor tiny tired fingers
They earned less than a dollar hardly seems fair

I need to find some kind of hope
Because I’m reaching the end of my rope
So Robin Hood come back to stay
What’s going to happen when I’m old and grey

Words and music by Starla Angus