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  1. Stay Out


Stay Out

Commerciality everywhere I go
Cell phones, internet, TV, radio
No escaping can’t get away no, no, no
Control me like a puppet show

Infiltrate, cloud my mind--stay out of my life
Market me, spam me blind--stay out of my life

Promises to fill your every desire
Enterprising clever advertiser
Deceptive misleading liar
Always looking for new buyers

Invasion, enter my space--stay out of my life
Want my money, get in my face--stay out of my life

Smiling faces offer me something for free
If it sounds too good to be true then it must be
Repetition creates believability
Oh change my reality

Mesmerize, steal my brain--stay out of my life
Hypnotize, drive me insane--stay out of my life

Stay Out--Stay Out
Stay Out of My Life