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Beyond This Cage

Although my eyes have vision—I still can’t see
I can go as I please—But I don’t feel free
What’s it like—Beyond this cage

Look at the monkey—he’s trapped in the zoo
Look at him laughing cause he knows you’re trapped too
You stare at the TV—it washes your brain
Subliminal message—you’ve got to be trained—to remain
In your cage

Pay all your taxes—pretend life is free
Credit card system—dependency
You have to take drug tests—you piss in a cup
Show them your insides—do as they instruct—no don’t corrupt
The bars of your cage

Let me go—I need to know
What’s it like--beyond this cage
Let me see—I need to be free
What’s it like--beyond this cage

Institutions with no relief
Live as a number—no feelings—no grief
Work like a dog and live like a slave
Cannot buy insurance to earn your own grave—so behave
In your cage

Serve jury duty or pay the fine
Nothing is your own—not even your time
See the policemen—see them harass
Go kill in the army to earn your free pass—but won’t surpass
The bars of your cage